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Behavioral Cents I have a Passion to Help Women with their Money.

Throughout my career in financial services, from working in branches while putting myself through college, all the way to Wall Street executive level, I encountered events that broke my heart.

A woman in her 30’s couldn’t afford her health care and started moving money between credit cards just to pay expenses. A woman in her 60’s walked into the bank exhausted and distraught because her husband had just died unexpectedly – and she didn’t know how to pay the household bills. And, a wealthy woman in her 40’s had let her million-dollar husband control all the money. He threw her out one day and moved the girlfriend into the family home. This woman didn’t know she had rights, and didn’t know where to start. None of these women had ever been taught some of the basics on managing their everyday money.

Divorce, bad credit score, debt, no time to save…one or the other will happen to most women. My mission is to help you avoid nasty surprises, or be prepared to tackle them when they come. No Judgment. No Deprivation.

Why is Managing Money so Hard?

Major financial companies dump knowledge on customers, but don’t really help you change behaviors and build good every day money practices.  Most of you weren’t taught in school either. Money success isn’t about intelligence or wealth, it’s about understanding our money beliefs and triggers, and simply building a new skill set – without deprivation. This is why I am a Master Money Coach.

Carrie’s coaching skills are excellent. She  provides a safe, trusting environment where clients can honestly talk about their money challenges, and goes beyond. Carrie’s 30 years of expertise in financial services enable her to cut through industry jargon, and guide her clients toward natural solutions to solve undesirable money behaviors…without deprivation. I even incorporated some of her suggestions!   Olivia Mellan

Olivia Mellan, is CEO & Founder of MoneyHarmony, and groundbreaker in the field of money psychology, couple communication, stress management, and conflict resolution since 1982. She has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, ABC’s 20/20, and other nationwide media. Olivia is also the author of 5 critically acclaimed books and a columnist for Investment Advisor Magazine.

I Have Faith in You – Even if You Don’t

I have faith that all of you can come to terms with your money, and learn how to control it. It is so important because some day, you may need to take care of yourself, or need extra cash because a great opportunity comes along. My money coaching practice is my personal passion to help you with that journey.

I definitely feel more confident & in control of my money.  Carrie provided the tools to help me get my finances to a place where I feel like I understand what’s going on. After working with Carrie for a few months, I found out that I had to move across the border for my job.  This was fairly last minute so I did not have time to plan.  Carrie helped me every step of the way and I was able to get ahead of the game financially and budget for what was to come.  Although I had to go into some debt to pay for this move, I am confident that with Carrie’s guidance & what I’ve learned, I will be able to pay off this debt and not have to sacrifice anything.  Stephanie C. , Regional Sales Manager. Moved from Canada to the U.S.

My Journey

My parents were loving, humble people who provided the best life possible for their 4 kids. They often struggled, and my learning from them was to manage cash very carefully. I walk the talk – I built my own money behaviors along the way, and achieved wealth the hard way – working hard and saving diligently.

My coach practice brings this learning, in addition to 30 years of banking, credit cards and brokerage in multiple countries.  My career spans both major corporations and small businesses. This breadth of experience has distilled years of knowledge about individuals, entrepreneurs and money behaviors. It’s now available to you when we work together.

Diligent money behaviors now allow me to fulfill my dream of helping other women, and enjoy money-life balance. Brian and I live life fully with good health, good food, good friends and our two silly little bunnies. We could buy a bigger home, but we don’t need it. Caring for the earth, respecting others, and a drive for excellence are key values. If I had to save one item from my closet of clothes, it would be my scruffy hiking boots!

If you are ready to tackle your cash you will not alone. BE DIFFERENT. BE the ONE to tackle it before a nasty surprise. Achieve a bountiful life.

Call and we’ll get it done together.  914 -923-6081 / CarrieRattle@BehavioralCents.com.


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